Make great efforts and strive for a far-reaching future---Wujiu Coal Group successfully realized the year of safety in 2022

In the past year, Wujiu Group organized and led all cadres and employees, firmly established the concept of safe development, always regarded safe production as the biggest politics, the biggest responsibility and the biggest benefit, guided by the spirit of the No.1 conference on safe production management in 2022, took the initiative and acted ahead, overcame difficulties, worked hard, played a good first move, played a good initiative, tightened the safety string at all times, tightened the responsibility chain layer by layer, kept the bottom line red line firmly and resolutely won the "consolidation year" of safety production and achieved a successful conclusion of the safety year.

Strengthen safety production management and improve execution. Wujiu Group adheres to the guidance of "double prevention", takes standardization construction as the cornerstone and pays close attention to the site as the core, improves the grid system of safety production responsibility, and assigns personnel, posts and responsibilities to ensure that safety production responsibility covers all aspects and links of production. Keep an eye on the site, resolutely oppose the "three violations", strictly investigate the "weakness", implement full-staff, whole-process and all-round safety supervision, and effectively solve the problems such as failure to implement safety responsibilities, inadequate safety management, and irregular operation behavior. Strict and meticulous management and efficient implementation ensure the smooth and orderly progress of safety production in the two mines, realize the safety of power generation, heating, and water supply, promote the high-quality and efficient operation of coal quality management and coal sales, and provide a solid guarantee for new breakthroughs, new achievements and new levels in mine machinery repair, self-control, and processing. Continue to carry out the "benchmarking" evaluation activities, highlight the "five links" of planning objectives, process standards, on-site construction, process control and dynamic acceptance, and promote the standardization of safety production to upgrade to refined management. In view of the difficulties faced by the safety and withdrawal of the equipment in the fully mechanized mining face of the two mines, such as many points, wide area, long front, heavy equipment tonnage, many safety and withdrawal equipment, complex working procedures and great difficulty in safety management, the Group Company focused on the difficult points, took the problem as the guide, optimized the labor organization, strengthened safety management, paid close attention to the implementation of the work, and completed the safety, high-quality and efficient withdrawal tasks of the equipment in each mining face, laying a solid foundation for the smooth completion of the production tasks throughout the year.

Increase investment in safety production and improve support. In order to lay a solid foundation for safety and ensure safe development, in the past year, the Group invested a lot of money to vigorously promote the automation, informationization and intelligent construction of mines, and the first intelligent fully mechanized mining face in the history of mine construction was successfully completed and put into operation, and the important posts such as the central water pump room, the central substation, the main fan ventilation room and the raw coal transportation system were unattended. Invite relevant experts to conduct a comprehensive consultation on mine safety production, thermal power company's safe power generation and supply, and sales company's railway transportation system safety, increase investment in safety production equipment and facilities and environmental improvement, fill shortcomings, strong and weak items, and plug loopholes, ensuring the continuous stability of production and improving the safety production support of enterprises.

Increase safety production training and improve control. Wujiu Group continued to promote the learning, investigation and counter-activities of "strong foundation and hard skills", carried out accurate training in different specialties, levels and posts, and deeply promoted the training model of "cadres on the podium and training to the scene". Through the "zero distance" training in the workshop, shift groups, posts and on-site, the timeliness and pertinence of the training have been enhanced, and the safety warning education has been strengthened. Let production safety laws and regulations, rules and regulations go deep into the hearts of every employee, really let production safety into the mind, the implementation of landing. Taking training courses, pre-class meetings, special study meetings and technical training courses as carriers, centralized training, professional training, self-study and on-the-job training are adopted to achieve double assessment of theoretical study and practical operation and double standards, so as to realize "zero distance" docking of safety training and safety production. Organize on-site experience exchange meetings to continuously promote safety production from point to area, and "compare, learn, catch up and surpass" has become a common practice, and employees' safety awareness and ability of self-protection, mutual insurance and joint insurance have been further improved.

Safety production has only a starting point and no end point. 2023 is the first year to fully implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and it is also an important year for the Wujiu Group to consolidate the foundation of safe production and improve its management level. With the strong support of the shareholders of both parties and under the leadership of the leading group of the group company, we will continue to take safety in production as the top priority, always firmly shoulder the responsibility of safety in production and put it into action, be brave in taking responsibility, do solid work, make contributions for a long time, continue to improve, and continue to struggle for the realization of the new safety year.




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