Wujiu Coal Group organized a post-holiday trade union resumption

On the morning of January 29th, Wujiu Coal Group held a post-holiday trade union resumption meeting. Han Zhi, the general manager of the group company, made arrangements for the key work in 2023 and during the resumption of work, demanding that the broad masses of cadres and workers gather together quickly, devote themselves to their work with full work enthusiasm, resolutely achieve a "steady start and a good start" and push the overall work in the new year to a new level.

Han Zhi expressed his gratitude to some cadres and workers for their persistence during the Spring Festival, so that the workers and staff could spend a peaceful and peaceful Spring Festival. After the holiday, all units and departments should quickly press "Start", closely focus on the objectives and tasks of the group company in 2023, start the layout, and put themselves into their work to make the work proceed quickly. First, the leaders in charge of the work should be deployed and commanded in place. All units and departments should put it in place and implement it in place. In the face of objectives and tasks, we must have thoughts, measures, confidence and fighting spirit. Second, the two mines should pay attention to production and output to ensure safety and quality. Sales companies should keep a close eye on the market, seize the customer's time, grasp the market selling points, continue to carry forward the sales spirit and wisdom in 2022, sell good prices in the off-season, and spell out good returns throughout the year. Third, the implementation of key projects must be started early, scheduled early and prepared early. It is necessary to complete the pre-work such as project feasibility study, investment budget, program approval and bidding ahead of schedule to ensure that the equipment is in place on time and the project starts as scheduled. Fourth, various reform and innovation policies should be implemented as soon as possible. It is necessary to embody a "new" in safety production, cost reduction and efficiency improvement, manpower allocation and salary optimization, production guarantee, assessment and audit, people's livelihood projects, logistics services and other aspects, and to come up with practical new ideas, new means and new measures. Fifth, the top leaders of all units and departments should shoulder the heavy responsibility, lead a group of people, draw operational maps, and be good commanders and combatants. Make plans for the new year's work, define goals, set time limits, introduce measures, and implement responsible persons. No matter how difficult it is, there are ways to do it if you want to. Don't make excuses for not doing it, just think of ways to do it well.

New year's new atmosphere, new year's new action. The purpose of the re-union is to work harder. The whole group should closely focus on the overall arrangement of the annual work, and seize the opportunity and win the initiative for all the work throughout the year with the mental state of being urgent and strict at the beginning of the year.


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